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Analysis: Singapore brand mark seeks to boost local brands

A Seal of Approval? : As Singapore prepares to launch a brand mark to support local brands our Regional COO, Graham Hitchmough, shared his thoughts with Marketing Interactive on whether this will prove to be...
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New Work: Home internet innovation from Telkomsel

Check out our latest work for Indonesia’s leading wireless network provider.  Telkomsel Orbit is a new ‘All-Digital Internet Solution’ for Indonesian homeowners, leveraging the network’s leading LTE connectivity.  You can connect with the whole story...
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News: by.U Indonesia goes from strength to strength

Just over two years ago the journey began to create the first digital telecommunication prepaid service in Indonesia designed to provide an end-to-end digital experience for the Gen Z market segment.  Bonsey Design is proud to...
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Analysis: Apple attempts to win back Malaysian Android-ers

As Apple adopts a new strategy in Malaysia to win back consumers who have turned to Android, our Regional COO Graham Hitchmough joined the conversation with Marketing Interactive to assess whether the smartphone giant has...
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Analysis: Is it time for Unilever to rethink brand names such as Fair & Lovely?

When brands should do the right thing.  Regional COO, Graham Hitchmough, shares his thoughts with Marketing Interactive on how brand-owners should deal with any ethically questionable products in their portfolio “With global spending on...
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ANALYSIS / 3 Jun 2020 /

Analysis: Nike says Don’t Do It.

As brands in the US respond to continued social and political unrest our Regional Chief Operations Officer, Graham Hitchmough shared his thoughts with Marketing Interactive on when it’s right for brands to stand up and...
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Analysis: Bright ideas in co-branding.

As Stabilo International and SEPHORA launch an unlikely product collaboration, our Regional COO joins the discussion with Marketing Interactive around what makes co-branding a success…or not! “Co-branding comes in many shapes and sizes.  Most...
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A chip off the old block?

Our Regional COO, Graham Hitchmough, shares his thoughts with Marketing Interactive on Cadbury’s new-retro packaging. “I think a fine job has been done with the Cadbury rebrand.  The packaging nicely balances a renovation of...
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NEW WORK / 25 Nov 2019 /

New Work: Unabiz

UnaBiz is the enabler of Massive IoT in Asia. Specializing in providing affordable, well-designed solutions that are energy efficient, highly scalable and simple to deploy. The company was looking to present a leading face to the...
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