A network of independent, integrated brand architectsTM

Who we are

With our head office in Singapore since 1993, we now operate in multiple markets across the region. As Brand Architects™ we are dedicated to planning and building brands to achieve lasting impact.

With our digital agency partner, Bonsey Jaden, we provide a full-service integrated offer for our clients, from brand strategy and design to engagement and customer experience.

About Us About Us

What we do

We are partners in brand innovation and transformation. We work closely with our clients to navigate the challenges of a changing business landscape. Our teams shape purpose, products and services into compelling interactions for customers and employees.

Our comprehensive brand toolkit and rigorous process focuses on four core disciplines:

Corporate & Service Brands

Navigating change to effect lasting transformation through strategy, brand architecture, identity, service design, customer experience and employee engagement.

Consumer & Product Brands

Developing some of the region’s most recognisable brands and the household names of tomorrow through innovation, portfolio architecture, packaging and point-of-sale.

Retail & Destination Brands

Enabling brands to connect powerfully in physical environments by bringing their purpose to life, shaping their identities and building seamless customer experiences.

Digital & New Media Brands

Working with digital-first and new media businesses to fully realise the value of their brand, from articulating purpose to driving scale for brand-leaders as well as start-ups.

How we do it

We work as multi-disciplinary, multi-market project teams with an uncompromising focus on efficient programme management.

For every project we follow a simple three-stage approach – Discover, Develop & Deliver.  This ensures clarity and control of the process, so our clients can manage their time, resources and stakeholders with confidence.


We start by analysing the relationship between the company, its channels and the customers to identify the key brand challenges. Our solutions are built on the critical insights and opportunities we uncover.


We apply our strategy and creative capabilities to define a roadmap for your brand. The strategic framework combined with a compelling narrative helps develop a powerful visual and verbal identity.


Finally, we extend the brand toolkit across all applications and customer experiences. We create simple guidelines and engage stakeholders with targeted messaging to ensure they are ready to champion your brand.