Empowering massive IOT in Asia


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Unabiz is a startup founded in 2016 by a dynamic french-born entrepreneur Henri Bong. After acquiring the license to operate the Sigfox IoT network in Singapore and Taiwan, Henri raised $10 Million in series A funding. His next challenge was to scale the company into a global business.

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The fledgling brand is up against established players in the network and telecommunications space. Unabiz’s ambition is to build credibility in hardware, software, network and commercialisation in a short time. Henri knew that the market was ready for fast, efficient and affordable solutions, and his brand could stand up to that promise.

As a startup, Unabiz had made significant progress in the operational areas and now needed the brand to reflect its growing position in the market. Building awareness, they wanted to be recognised as the emerging leader of the space and Asia’s answer to a global challenge.


Our research allowed us to understand the unique position that Unabiz held in the IoT value chain. It had the unique advantage of being based in Singapore and Taiwan. One is an innovation capital, and the other is a manufacturing powerhouse.

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Our challenge was to make the complex ecosystem and technology easier to understand. Unabiz had to amplify its core attributes for its current stakeholders and future customers.


We mapped the IoT market into four categories: Emergent players, Amplifiers, Champions and Dominators.

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Unabiz’s positioning emerged as the ‘Trailblazer in Massive IoT’ built on agility and ingenuity. With a clear strategic direction, we developed the new brand narrative. Unabiz was a team of risk-takers and team builders. They had built a business with proven, scalable solutions and global distribution reach. And done this with the nimble and flexible spirit of a startup.


Based on the company motto of ‘less is more’ we developed a bold visual identity system that reflected the unique traits of Unabiz. The wordmark is clean, professional and straightforward with the bright yellow triangle, which represents the energetic and fun spirit of the company.

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The brand retained the name from its origin but evolved the orange to a fresher and punchier yellow. Also hidden in the mark was a discreet ‘1’ representing the power of Unabiz to unite the world with accessible technology. The design language integrates the research and development strengths of the brand with scale projects and global products.


Unabiz continues to build on its egalitarian and simple mantra of “One is all and all is one”. Brand UnaBiz offers simple solutions that work seamlessly in the background to create satisfied customers everywhere.