SCS Butter


Building a platform for brand extension


Competitor Analysis, Packaging Design, Packaging Implementation


As Singapore’s No.1 and much-loved butter brand, SCS commands a premium price in line with foreign imports. It may be local but it is a treasure.  Holding company AURIC knew that resting on a century of success was no guarantee of future strength. The world is moving too fast. What signifies Premium to the baby-boomers is not the same for generations that follow. 

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When refreshing a brand as venerable as SCS every change will be fraught with risk. The traditionalists will shun change, the younger market will switch off if the brand isn’t relevant to their future.


We applied our brand evaluation tools to measure the core equities of the brand. We identified them, enhanced them, simplified their presentation and made them relevant for today’s cooks, both professional and domestic.


Respecting heritage – cherishing the good while improving the weak – was the principle approach. Updating SCS needed a steady hand to navigate the way forward, not a naive, blind leap into modernity that would risk upsetting the conservative cooks and destroying brand value. Evolving SCS for the future was not going to be simply flicking a graphic ‘switch’.

A subtle facelift was needed that would respect the heritage of SCS and reflect its premium status. SCS tomorrow had to be instantly recognisable as SCS today, but be somehow better. It had to be easier to find, easier to open, reseal and reuse. The SCS product line needed to match the needs of cooks born in the Y2K.


The resulting design simplified the brand elements and amplified their visibility. All the idiosyncratic charm of the 100 year old brand is clear to see. Cooks in Asia, for whom English is not a first language, will easily recognise the brandmark and its proud No.1 status. 

New affluent cooks will feel comfortable choosing a local-hero butter over their go-to European spreads.

The brand system is designed to extend to olive oil spreadables, cream cheese and low-fat varieties to cater to the health conscious, younger consumer.  SCS is now fit for the future.