Grabbing a slice of Singapore’s pizza market


Brand Positioning, Corporate Identity, Communication Design, Retail Design, Brand Guidelines

By 2015 Sarpino’s had grown to be the 3rd largest pizza restaurant chain in Singapore. Driven to be the best rather than the biggest, Sarpino’s management saw the changes taking place in food delivery and realised that they needed to strengthen the brand to compete more effectively both online and on-premise.

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Research showed that the brand needed to work harder. Brand perception was lower than it should be and it lacked distinctive brand presence. Fixing these would be crucial to connecting with customers, employees and potential franchisees

Leveraging the research findings and a detailed assessment of the competition, we developed a new brand positioning for Sarpino’s that connected with the Italian food philosophy of quality, taste and community relationships.

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This positioning was extended into a brand narrative that captured the rich spirit of passion, creativity and craftsmanship inherent in Italian cuisine. The positioning defined the cultural role of food as a celebration, connecting friends and family. Sarpino’s embodies this Italian Spirit, delivering an authentic taste of Italy to Singaporeans.

This spirit was reflected in a fresh new brand identity designed to work effectively across all channels, celebrating the brand’s Italian inspiration. A brand icon was also developed to drive instant recognition on signage and on digital platforms.

The new identity was extended to every touchpoint and application, bringing visual clout and consistency to the brand along with a distinct, full-flavour, full-of-life personality. The brand elements were optimised for digital channels that would be increasingly important. The premises were dressed to act as prominent, efficient touchpoints for the brand.

New packaging was developed to save costs and retain heat through the delivery system. The distinctive octagonal box keeps the pizza piping hot for longer and that means happier customers.


Sarpino’s has strengthened its position in the Singapore marketplace while positively differentiating its offer in terms of quality and authenticity versus such corporate giants as Dominos™.

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The refocus of the brand led to an immediate increase in customer experience satisfaction. The brand is easier to see on the street and the menus are more appealing and easier to navigate.

The new App and phone order protocols make it easier and faster to get Sarpino’s delivered so pizzas are hotter, crispier and more delicious.