Guiding national treasure in transition


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Pioneering Singapore’s broadcasting industry since the 1930s, by 2014 Mediacorp had achieved a seemingly unassailable position in the media and entertainment ecosystem. But Mediacorp was actively planning for the next stage in its transformation, focusing on developing over-the-top services and digital content, diversifying its regional presence and a moving to a new state-of-the-art campus.

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With the industry also undergoing a disruptive change in consumption habits, competitive threats and channels to market, Mediacorp also needed to break with its slightly dated persona to become more relevant and accessible to consumers, regardless of the platform used or level of digital literacy. A bold new brand voice and identity were required to align and amplify all these efforts.


Working on the principle that the future will be as much about individuals broadcasting their own content as Mediacorp projecting national programmes, we framed the discourse around the idea of Reflection and Projection. Mediacorp is a Reflection of the nation’s zeitgeist and Projection of popular, relevant and engaging content. The future is as much narrowcast as broadcast, online and offline, in the home and on mobile. Mediacorp had to embrace the always-on, digital-first, constantly evolving media consumption landscape.


This multifaceted challenge required a number of interconnected activities: reinventing and elevating Mediacorp’s brand identity and assets to reflect a modern, vibrant digital-first brand; developing a new endorsement strategy to best serve the business’s developing portfolio; integrating the new brand identity into the campus move through design and brand advocacy, and developing a destination strategy to make the most effective possible use of the new campus.


Three words form the core of Mediacorp: Engage, Entertain, Enrich. These form the triangle of Mediacorp and all its dimensions. The new identity was built upon this framework. The triangles form the M that is rendered in a rich, bright, reflective colour that represents the variety of programmes and platforms and the rich diversity of audiences who will enjoy them. From the plain blue of the previous identity, today’s Mediacorp is brilliant, flexible, engaging and dynamic.


We went on to express the power of the new Mediacorp across all the engagement platforms; OOH, mobile, web, broadcast, print and in motion graphics. We developed immersive brand expressions for the new campus. We created advertising and communications grids to help their agencies and in-house teams to spread the brand with enthusiasm and verve. We gave voice to the three E’s and helped make sure Mediacorp is as relevant and vital to the lives of Singaporeans tomorrow as it was in the day when it was the only voice they could hear.


The renewed Mediacorp brand has been instrumental in delivering internal and external transformation objectives. Supported by changes in programming, the new identity has helped raise Mediacorp’s public perception as a vibrant content destination that is evolving alongside the aspirations of Singaporeans.

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The clarity in brand architecture has strengthened Mediacorp’s portfolio of over 50 entertainment brands by becoming the unifying platform for the diversity of languages, genres, channels, technologies and platforms. Within Medicorp, the new branding embraces the digital future, reflecting its creative spirit and projecting a sense of steadfast responsibility that comes with being the dominant media company of the nation.