Bringing fragrance to life on and off pack


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Downy has been delighting families with sweet-smelling, fresh laundry since the early 1990s. 

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To stay ahead P&G developed a breakthrough technology – Dual Perfume Microcapsules (PMC) that release scents all day for long-lasting freshness. Scent Switcher is the name chosen to describe the release of  unique scent bursts as the clothing moves with the wearer through the day.

This was a game changer for P&G and provided a platform for a more premium offering as Downy Parfum Collection versus the regular base ‘freshness only’ variants.


Downy Parfum Collection was aimed at women seeking an indulgent scent experience while undergoing their daily laundry chores. Consumer insight showed that this was their moment of ‘indulgent escape’ that gave them a sense of pride and joy that carried them through the day.


We created a clear sub-brand identity for Downy Parfum Collection using the newly revitalised Downy brandmark as a base. The PMC technology was iconised to represent the new Downy Scent Switching technology.


We drew inspiration from international fragrance packaging design to aid product appeal and association. To represent the different moods of the 5 scents, we created 5 characters to bring them to life. And so the Downy Girl was born.

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Unique sensorial FMOT experiences at retail, inspired by the fragrance model, complemented the new product launch.


Downy Parfum Collection was launched in Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Maintaining its position as one of P&G’s 50 Leadership brands, Downy continues to be Asia’s leading fabric softener through innovation and dominant market presence.•-WEB-05-Downy-Sensorial-RGB.jpg•-WEB-04-Downy-Sensorial-RGB.jpg•-WEB-13-Context-Downy-Sensorial-RGB-01.jpg•-WEB-12-Context-Downy-Sensorial-RGB-01.jpg•-WEB-11-Context-Downy-Sensorial-RGB-01.jpg•-WEB-10-Context-Downy-Sensorial-RGB-01.jpg•-WEB-05-Downy-Sensorial-RGB.jpg•-WEB-04-Downy-Sensorial-RGB.jpg•-WEB-13-Context-Downy-Sensorial-RGB-01.jpg•-WEB-12-Context-Downy-Sensorial-RGB-01.jpg•-WEB-11-Context-Downy-Sensorial-RGB-01.jpg•-WEB-10-Context-Downy-Sensorial-RGB-01.jpg