Refreshing an iconic national beverage


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In 2004 Universal Robina Corporation (URC) stirred the market with the first ready-to-drink tea – C2 Cool & Clean.  Since then Filipinos have developed an affinity for tea drinks and have grown to love C2’s refreshing flavours.

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Despite market leadership and expanding sales across the region, a 2016 brand equity survey showed that the brand was losing affinity  among its core market. C2 was not sufficiently communicating its brand essence as a healthy, refreshing beverage alternative and its performance on the key “thirst-quenching” attribute was declining in the face of increased competition. URC needed to revamp the core product portfolio and create an identity system that would be simple and strong yet flexible enough to integrate with upcoming C2 line extensions.


The existing C2 brandmark lacked visibility in the trade environment, so a new one was needed to reflect the brand’s positioning as a refreshing beverage alternative and deliver the brand promise of thirst-quenching enjoyment.



We introduced a holding device to contain the brandmark and a tea leaf illustration to evoke the product’s natural origins. A light green addition to the color palette hinted at the freshness within, and the ‘Cool & Clean’  descriptor linked to the flavour variant.


Overall, the new C2 line-up was fresher and more impactful, while retaining the positive associations of the original.  The new design also emphasized the key product differentiator of being the only local RTD tea brewed and bottled on the same day.


With its bold new look and authentic provenance C2’s new identity instantly re-established the brand’s refreshment leadership credentials. Applied across packaging and all communication platforms, the new identity enabled C2 to reconnect with their core target market.

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Soon after its launch, C2 Cool & Clean’s market share rose to 85.3%*, up by 1.2 points. Based on design attribute scores, the new identity increased in terms of likeability and uniqueness by 12 points and 26 points respectively.

* Nielsen Retail Audit Tracking, RTD Tea Category, May 2018