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A chip off the old block?

Our Regional COO, Graham Hitchmough, shares his thoughts with Marketing Interactive on Cadbury’s new-retro packaging.

“I think a fine job has been done with the Cadbury rebrand.  The packaging nicely balances a renovation of heritage assets with the need for immediate shelf impact and variant navigation.  There’s wit, craft and pragmatism in the approach which may help Cadbury claw back some lost ground from more mass premium labels.

The furor over the alleged cost of the rebrand and the dominating focus on the change to the signature wordmark is symptomatic of how coverage of this type of brand work can tend to be reductive and misinformed.  For a business the size of Cadbury there are a great many contributing factors to the cost of change, but if they get it right – and it looks like they may have done – the rewards will be far greater.”