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Bonsey Design Rebrands POS Malaysia

Last year our design practice was delighted to be appointed to take Pos Malaysia Bhd into the future. Our team had a challenging and exciting time working on the corporate rebranding exercise which began with a complete strategy and business review to reflect the dramatic changes Pos Malaysia was facing in its underlying business model. Having updated the Vision, Mission and Values, and developed the new Brand Architecture, the new corporate identity was finally launched on 15 January 2015. The new look of Pos Malaysia identity embodies the spirit of a modern forward-thinking organisation, completing the transformation from its original (and on-going) objective of mail delivery to a business dedicated to Connecting Malaysia, and Beyond - for Today and Tomorrow.



Pos Malaysia Group CEO Datuk Iskandar Mizal Mahmood said the new corporate identity underscores Pos Malaysia's position as a modern, customer-focused and innovative company. The focus on transformation is expressed through the lighting treatment within the 'O' in Pos, and it illustrates how the company is always moving forward. Bonsey Jaden also updated the Pos Malaysia website and all its sub-brand sites to reflect the exciting new identity.


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