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The Lego Logo Challenge

Bonsey Jaden challenged the delegates and visitors to the recent Internet and Mobile Show Asia 2014 to play the ‘Lego Logo Challenge’

Daniel Posavac of Bonsey Jaden explained that this real-life, real-time social activity replicates the current situation of modern day brands – where there is no longer a distinction between a brand experience on screen and one in the street. “We were looking for a way to illustrate the challenge of building brands in accelerated ‘internet time’ and to reflect on the challenges marketers face in aligning brand experiences in both the online and offline worlds.”


Audrey Chong of Nestle Singapore


Bonsey Jaden invited guests to pick a brand at random and to then
build the brand logo using Lego bricks in the shortest possible time.
The attempt was filmed and was uploaded to the Lego Logo Challenge site. Friends and visitors got to vote for the best rendition of the logo, created in the shortest time. The video with the most number of votes would become the Grand Winner of the challenge!


Inspired by the power of live, real-time, brand engagement using digital tools that are the hallmark of Bonsey Jaden services, the Lego Logo Challenge – which ran on a variety of platforms across offline, digital and mobile – was a fun test of brand recall and creative skills. It was simple, universal, engaging and fun…like Lego!


Gurmit Singh of Visa Worldwide


At the same time, it allowed participants to have a truly immersive experience via Here, viewers could watch each entry as it happened and vote for their favorite brand logo creations.


As well as from the Daily Prizes that were given away during the show, participants had the chance to share their videos with their friends,
family and the entire internet community with the chance to win a memorable travel experience – an all expenses paid 4-day trip to Phuket, Thailand for two!


Yap Swee Hock of Singapore Press Holdings and Daniel Posavac, CEO of Bonsey Jaden


Towards the end of the event, the number of people queuing up for the challenge was still unbelievable and the leader boards showed some interesting, extremely tight, races.


If you missed the ‘Lego Logo Challenge’ at the Internet and Mobile Show Asia 2014, make sure you visit to have a look at the impressive videos of our participants, building brands in minutes!



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