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The Future of Selling Consumer Brands

A two-hour exclusive with David Dean, UK’s leading retail futurist.


We are providing unprecedented access to David as he takes a brief stopover in Singapore. He is joined by Daniel Posavac, Australia’s digital whizz and the CEO of one of ASEAN’s fastest growing

digital agencies, Bonsey Jaden.

Together they will decode global trends and identify best practices that are shaping the world of packaging, point of sale, shopper marketing and e-commerce.


"The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed"- Willam Gibson, the technology prophet.

Even as brand managers are tidying up the smallest detail on their packs, RFID and NFC are waging a war over point-of-sale conversion. Technology is evolving faster than the market or marketers can keep up.

Social media has opened doors for everyone, but some brands are two steps ahead. See how they have figured out the new media mix and succeeded at reshaping consumer behavior.


How has your packaging and messaging evolved with the digital age? Are you achieving your objectives for every stage of consumer engagement? How does your communication span from awareness to education and influence to purchase? Does your customer journey straddle e-commerce with direct selling?

Inspired by the legendary Ted Talks, this interactive and fast paced event will tackle your most pertinent questions. Short, crisp sharing sessions will be followed by an open house that gives all attendees full access to the three speakers as well as some of the most potent brains from the industry and trade among the audience.

This event is for... Marketing Professionals, Designers, Design Managers and Business Decision Makers related to consumer brands, packaging design, retail development, experiential design, visual merchandising and shopper marketing.

Event Date: 9th September 2014
Time: 4pm to 6pm
Venue: National Design Center, 111 Middle Rd, Singapore 188969


The speakers and their companies

David Dean, Senior Consultant, GDR Creative Intelligence

David Dean is a Senior Consultant at GDR Creative Intelligence. GDR is a leading player in global marketing and retail foresight research.

David has always taken a maverick approach, whether re-launching Tango soda, or marketing Walt Disney attractions in the UK. With more than 10 years agency and consultancy experience, his engaging presentations condense the dizzying world of innovation into actionable insights. He is carbon neutral so being a frequent flyer, he plants lots of trees – more than 1,000 since 2006.

Daniel Posavac, CEO, Bonsey Jaden

Daniel Posavac is the CEO of Bonsey Jaden, an independent Digital agency based in Singapore. With over a decade of Digital experience, both Agency and Client side, Daniel has been at the forefront of digital innovation, as well as the integration of social media in the business arena. With an extensive history of building digital teams, strategies and campaigns for top tier brands & agencies globally, Daniel's passion for the internet coupled with his entrepreneurial drive for cutting edge solutions make him a established leader in the digital space.


Jonathan Bonsey, Creative and Managing Director, Bonsey Design

Jonathan has over 20 years of brand and strategy development and design experience in Asia, Europe and the US. After 5 years as Managing Director at Addison Design in Singapore, and 3 years in San Francisco, Jonathan branched out to set up Bonsey Design in 1993, and has championed his team towards award winning designs across the Asia Pacific.

As Principal of the firm Jonathan is responsible for the supervision of the company’s various clients, including many aspects of a project’s creative direction and strategic development. He is one of Asia’s most experienced design consultants and is an active speaker and contributor to the development of branding and strategy in Asia.
Jonathan is also an active Committee Member for the Design Association of Singapore.




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