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Bonsey Design Behind Cebu Pacific’s Exciting New Look

Bonsey Design, teamed up with Cebu Pacific (CEB) as their design partner to reimagine the award-winning airline’s brand image which launched on 1st June 2015.

“We are thrilled to work with Cebu Pacific”, said Jonathan Bonsey, creative and managing director of Bonsey Design. “They are a spirited, fast-growing airline that has succeeded in making low cost travel a fun experience for Filipinos and foreign visitors alike. They have a very clear idea of what makes their brand special. What we had to do was to refresh it, polish it and let it shine for all to see.”

The design solution is rooted in the very fabric of the country. According to Candice Iyog, Cebu Pacific's Vice President for Marketing & Distribution, the carrier's new colours are inspired by the natural landscapes of the Philippines. "Because we are a Philippine carrier, we need to have a brand that represents the colours of the country. When you think about the Philippines, you think of beautiful beaches, green forest and fields, and of blue seas and bright sun. People come to see our beautiful landscapes and islands," said Iyog. "We wanted to make sure that the brand captures that while it also represents the airline as a young, fun, dynamic, and energetic brand."

The Philippine eagle has been a symbol of the Cebu Pacific brand since its inception in 1996. The previous mark was strong and bold but it was also dark, heavy and complicated to reproduce. The new eagle and its supporting wordmark is lighter, fresher, more modern and much easier to read at a distance – previously a critical weakness as our investigations showed of Cebu Pacific’s brand in busy airport environments. The logotype has transitioned from a formal uppercase to a much friendlier lowercase, projecting an affable yet strong image, perfectly complementing the new eagle.

Together the wordmark, eagle and warm yellow sun form the new Cebu Pacific identity; a bold, confident statement that conveys the warmth, liveliness and colour of the country. For this young nation of over 100 million is opening its doors to the world; to Japan, Australia, the Middle East and beyond. And Cebu Pacific is that modern, fun-loving airline that brings the world home to the Philippines.

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