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Bonsey Jaden: Digital Brand Architects

The Bonsey Design Partnership has partnered with Sydney-based international marketing collective, The Jaden Group, to launch
Bonsey Jaden, a new digital agency in Singapore.


Focusing on the Southeast Asian market, with offices in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines and Sri Lanka, Bonsey Jaden will extend our traditional product offering and focus on digital campaigns and activations. Driven by our goal to increase sustainable brand impact through integrated digital campaigns that add value and engage its clients’ customers, Bonsey Jaden will deliver innovative solutions to build and promote brands in the ever more important online world.

The agency will extend the holistic brand experience across the full spectrum of digital media and will offer online expertise in the areas of web and mobile, social media, digital advertising, brand awareness, online community engagement and driving creative solutions for brands through the understanding and analysis of relevant data.


“We are thrilled to have connected with the Jaden Group. They add a whole new dimension to our brand building business. They complete the connection between the online and offline worlds so we can now integrate the measurable power of digital throughout the entire brand development process. This is the missing part of our jigsaw and it will dramatically enhance our offer to our clients,” said Jonathan Bonsey, Managing Director of Bonsey Design.


“We are delighted to have partnered with Bonsey Design and are excited to be entering the Asian market. The conversations we are having with brands demonstrate a readiness to embrace creative digital solutions, enabling a deeper and more authentic relationship with their customers,” said Daniel Posavac, CEO of Bonsey Jaden.

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