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Bonsey Design’s CSR efforts

Design for Hope came about from a very simple brief: Can design bring a smile on people’s faces?


‘Design for Hope’ is a unique co-creation project involving the Bonsey team, volunteers and the elderly patients at the Bright
Vision Hospital.


Design for Hope Project from Bonsey Design on Vimeo.


We believe, design is not just about realising commercial interests.
It can be about spreading delight, getting people to connect and communicate, with each other and their environment.




We started with an art workshop working with the elderly patients using paints, colour markers and block printing to co-create different patterns, textures and graphical prints. The patients thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the fun and engaging session that also promoted rehabilitation. It gave them the opportunity to enhance the hospital environment with art created by their own hands.

Our initiative led to the creation of a lively collage of nature-inspired graphics designed to help ‘bring the outside in’, and transform a community space.

It was a rewarding experience for everyone involved, to create something meaningful that will be enjoyed by the patients, staff and visitors of the hospital for years to come.

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