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Bonsey Jaden are delighted to have been appointed by FremantleMedia Asia as their exclusive digital partner to support the world's first ever pan-regional edition of the global "Got Talent" format - Asia's Got Talent.


In a region-wide search with thousands of hopefuls performing live in front of millions of viewers, the goal is not just to prove to Asians that they have unique talents, but also to connect with the audience across the entire region and let them know that they have the voice that holds the power in this competition. FremantleMedia Asia knows that, for Asia's Got Talent, social media and online presence will play the key role in igniting the audience's love for the show. Our responsibility is to strategise, design, develop and manage all the show's digital assets and help scale the premier season online.


The power of connecting to the audience in the digital space is astounding. We saw instant success on the launch of the Asia's Got Talent's digital campaign. After designing and developing the online assets, we are now managing everything online - from the show's website and social media to production and post-production (behind-the-scenes video content), through to a play-along app during the transmission of the show on AXN every Thursday night.


The fun and the excitement has just begun, and we still have 8 weeks of the inaugural season to go! Stay tuned and watch out for all the sensational episodes and performances at Asia's Got Talent!


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