about us and what we do

Bonsey Design is a team of independent brand architects based in Singapore. We are dedicated to building iconic brands with sustainable impact. We help our clients engage, adapt and stay relevant in the growing markets of Asia.

We like to keep things simple.
So we arrange our work into three logical steps:
Discover, Develop and Deliver.

We start by identifying the challenges brands face and analyse the relationship between the company, the channels and the customer. Discover results in a lucid, insightful brief, a clear view of the objectives and a plan to achieve them.

We then apply strategy and design to resolve the challenge. We create narratives, design packages and brand identities that resonate with stakeholders and engage customers. Develop is the creative heart of the process where imaginative and powerful ideas are born and raised.

Deliver is the systematic release programme. The brand is cascaded through the organisation to ensure internal alignment and engagement by those responsible for its growth. Details are ironed out, artwork finalised and guidelines prepared.

Over the years we’ve found that by following our simple but rigorous 3d process nothing slips through the cracks and we achieve our aim.

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